To All Page County Democrats,

Agenda for PCDC April Monthly Meeting

The upcoming PCDC April Monthly Meeting is of utmost importance as we prepare to host a strategic planning session for Congressional District 6’s inter-county collaboration.

In order to combat the ongoing chaos perpetuated by MAGA Republicans on a national scale, it is imperative that we shift the House majority, which currently hangs by a thread. Defeating Virginia’s CD 6 Congressman and far right MAGA Republican, Ben Cline, could serve as a significant step towards restoring order and safeguarding the rights that are under threat from the MAGA Republican agenda.

Scheduled for April 4th, the PCDC Monthly meeting will primarily focus on fostering collaboration among all CD 6 County Democratic Committees to achieve this crucial objective. This entails devising a cohesive strategy, assessing strengths and weaknesses, and facilitating seamless communication between the various Democratic Committees to coordinate our efforts effectively.

Enhancing our collective impact of CD 6 Counties is essential for securing victories in national and state elections, including those of President Joe Biden, Senator Tim Kaine and Ken Mitchell. These efforts will also help improve our ability to learn from best practices of different counties in order to win elections and advance our shared values and principles.

The meeting will feature CD 6 Congressional candidate Ken Mitchell, representatives from five neighboring counties, Chris Burton from Senator Tim Kaine’s campaign, and Page County Treasurer Penny Gray.

While the primary aim of the meeting is to strategize for success, we will also allocate time on the agenda to explore opportunities for sharing and leveraging successful programs, refining messaging, and discussing other pertinent initiatives undertaken by individual Democratic Committees.

We invite you to join us at the Rec Center, located at 630 W. Main Street, Luray, on April 4th at 6:30 PM to contribute to this vital conversation.

March 2024 PCDC Monthly Meeting Agenda

Ken Mitchell – Presumed candidate for CD 6 Congress
Kay Briggs – Ken Mitchell Campaign, Clarke County resident
Jayne Docherty – Communications Manager, Harrisonburg Dem Comm.
Kym Crump – CD 6 Coordinator, Warren County
Kris Nelson – Warren County Chair
Brad Skipper – Shenandoah Chair
Bob Smith – Shenandoah Treasurer
Penny Gray – Page County Treasurer
Rod Grandon – Fredrick County and Winchester coordinator
Chris Burton – CD 6 Coordinator, Tim Kaine Campaign

April 4th, 6:30 pm, Location: the Rec Center 630 W. Main St., Luray


  • Approval of February minutes (will be sent in a separate email)
  • Approval of February Financials (will be sent in a separate email)
  • Quick announcements:
  • Headquarter status
  • Annual Fundraiser status
  • Call to Caucus announcement

Scope (what do we need to focus on)
Mobilizing teams with action/engagement
Current Volunteers talent
Leveraging resources and efforts
Minority and Youth outreach
Penny Gray Letter Friends and Family letter writing campaign
Advertising content
Website development (reuse of components)
Community Works