Personal Rights

The PCDC will take on a broad range of issues which fit within the scope of what we stand for.

It’s not enough to identify an issue, we must take a stance, set an objective, develop a strategy, and plan on how to achieve the objective; and then act on it.

The advocacy program is designed to bring to focus specific issues and gain community support to solve them. This may come in many forms, from support of Community Works activities to publicly advocating and fighting initiatives that are contrary to our values.

The process of the advocacy program is to:

  • Review the issue by the PCDC members
  • Agree upon a position/stance that we will support
  • Develop a strategy of activities that we can pursue to achieve our objectives
  • Track those activities and communicate it widely to garner support
  • Report on both progress and closure

Women’s Rights

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Other issues PCDC is committed to finding solutions for are:

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