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PCDC Monthly Bulletin May 2024

To All Page County Democrats, It's natural to feel fearful and anxious about what’s happening around us and the threats to our democracy. However, we have the power and responsibility to stop the dangers posed by MAGA Republicans, the spread of misinformation, the...

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April Minutes and Notes

Minutes of April 4, 2024 Monthly Meeting West Luray Rec Center, Luray, VA Attendees: Patrick Burns, Deborah Costolloe, Sherry Ford, Tom Ford, Greg Gray, Penny Gray, Skip Halpern, Bill King, David Kinsey, Miles Morimoto, Gail Price, Sandra Schaberl, Bette Schmidt, and...

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April Recap & May PCDC Meeting

Agenda for PCDC May Monthly Meeting MINUTES APPROVAL FINANCIAL APPROVAL ELECTIONS: Inter County activities Rural Retreat Delegates Fundraising event for Ken Mitchell PCDC: Headquarters opening, schedule, promotion Website updates PCDC Annual fundraising event...

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Billboard & Banners

To All Page County Democrats, In order to establish awareness and form opinions early on, efforts are underway to get the word out about our Democratic candidates. In addition to the PCDC initiatives, Rural Ground Game is also supporting ad campaigns to educate people...

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Tim Kaine Event Highlights

Tim Kaine Event Highlights The PCDC hosted a highly successful election year kickoff event on March 9th at Luray's VFW, featuring US Senator Tim Kaine and Congressional District 6 candidates, Rod Grandon and Ken Mitchell. The event garnered significant attendance,...

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Anti Ben Cline Billboard

To All Page County Democrats, The Rural GroundGame initiative plans to erect an anti Ben Cline billboard along Rt. 211 in Page County by April 15th. Additionally, it will be featured in Lexington and Woodstock to reach voters and raise awareness months ahead of the...

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Freedom Virginia Messaging Guidance

Freedom Virginia Messaging Guidance - Freedom Virginia is a nonpartisan 501(c)4 organization committed to building a Commonwealth where all Virginia families have the  freedom to thrive. Freedom Virginia advances economic security policies through grassroots activism,...

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Bidenomics is Working After Trump’s Failures

Since President Biden took office, his economic plan – Bidenomics – has been growing our economy from the bottom up and middle out: 3.5% unemployment—near historic lows and under 4% for 18 months in a row—the longest stretch in over 50 years, 187,000 jobs added last...

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Extreme Republicans Continue to Push MAGAnomics Agenda

MAGA Republicans’ economic trickle-down plan has failed Americans: it created new incentives to ship jobs overseas, hurt main-street businesses, and blew up the deficit. Just this week, MAGA Mike Johnson is kicking off his speakership by doubling down on a failed...

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