Page County Democratic Committee

It is our mission to increase the number of qualified Democratic elected officials at the local, state and national level.

To All Page County Democrats,

The uncertainty surrounding Biden’s position at the top of the ticket has left us in a state of limbo, and it may not be resolved until the Democratic convention in August. We must not let this distract us from our crucial mission: convincing questioning Republicans, Moderates, and Independents that voting for Trump or not voting means choosing the end of democracy, rights, freedoms, and the rule of law.

With only 3 1/2 months left, we need to reach and persuade at least 3,500 voters to vote Blue this election—double what we would normally expect from Page County Democrats. This means reaching out to Republicans, Moderates, and Independents who recognize the high stakes of this election.

Following our successful fundraiser last month which raised $6,000, we must carefully invest these funds in efforts to communicate and persuade voters who wouldn’t typically vote Blue to do so this time, to save us from a future articulated by Project 2025.

The PCDC remains committed to achieving this goal by collaborating with other county Democratic Committees and working diligently to get our message out with urgency.

Miles Morimoto
PCDC Chair

American Rescue Plan (ARPA) Bill H.R. 1319 funded five Million dollars to Page County and Ben Cline voted against it.
This is why we need to tell locals in Page County that Biden and Democrats deliver the goods to help the community. Over $500,000 went to the Police and other significant funding went to key public services which we all benefit from.

Please click on the link below to see how the money was allocated by Page County to improve our community.

ARPA Budget Details for Page County 


New signage on Route 340 just south of downtown Shenandoah going towards Elton

New signage at the PCDC Headquarters: Shout out to Susan Corbett for letting us put the sign on the left window which is currently unoccupied. An additional Biden-Harris 4×8 roadside banner will go up on Main Street next to Mama’s Treasures Annex next to the train tracks.


PCDC Annual Fundraising Dinner Event Held June 30. A BIG THANK YOU! to everyone who pitched in to make the Annual Dinner a success!

The Annual PCDC dinner represents the one time in the year where we as Page County Democrats all get together to celebrate, network and just have fun. This year’s event was especially meaningful with the attendees from different Counties, our speakers, Don Beyer and Ken Mitchell, and all that attended that support Democratic values.

Democratic Candidate Support

Abigail Spanberger and Levar Stoney are running in the general election for Governor and Lt. Governor of Virginia on November 4, 2025.

Kaine logo
Abigail Spanberger screen shot

PCDC Member Monthly Meeting

  • Held first Thursday 6:30 pm of every month.
  • Currently held at the Luray Rec Center, 630 West Main Street
  • July Meeting Rescheduled to July 11 due to holiday.

PCDC Coffee and Conversation Calendar

  • 7/5/24 11:00Hawksbill Dinner, 1388 E Main St., Stanley
  • 7/12/24 11:00 Fairview Grocery, 101 S Antioch Rd.,  Luray

PCDC Executive Committee meetings via FB Messenger

  • 7/10/24 7pm
  • 8/14/24 7pm
  • 9/11/24 7pm
  • 10/9/24 7pm
  • 11/13/24 7pm
  • 12/11/24 7pm

New PCDC Headquarters

Exciting News!

The PCDC has officially secured a lease until November 2024 for our new headquarters located at 46 East Main Street, Luray. 

Establishing a visible presence on Main Street will play a pivotal role in promoting and solidifying the presence of the Page County Democrats, as we gear up to mobilize for crucial elections in 2024.

PCDC Headquarters Schedule

  • Days longer than 4 hours will be divided into 2 time slots.
  • A Staffing Roster will be maintained at the Headquarters.
  • We want to have 2 staffers for each time slot.
  • As time goes by, we may add more hours, particularly in October.
Page County Democratic Headquarters in Luray VA
Staffing HoursMay 5 - August 2August 3 - October 30October 31 - November 5
MondayClosedClosed1:00 to 6:00 (11/4)
TuesdayClosedClosed1:00 to 6:00 (11/5 Election)
Wednesday1:00 to 4:001:00 to 4:00-
Thursday1:00 to 4:001:00 to 4:001:00 to 4:00 (10/31)
Friday1:00 to 5:001:00 to 7:001:00 to 7:00 (11/1)
Saturday1:00 to 5:001:00 to 7:001:00 to 7:00 (11/2)
SundayClosed12:00 to 3:001:00 to 6:00 (11/3)

Democrats Make a Tangible Impact in our Daily Lives by Delivering Meaningful Outcomes . .

Were you aware that locally, Page County received approximately $5 million thanks to the Biden administration and the Democrats’ American Rescue Plan?

View Report on ARPA Funds Here.

What We Stand For . .

  • Improved infrastructure
  • Quality public education
  • Affordable, accessible healthcare for all
  • Environmental conservation
  • National park protection
  • Workers’ rights, including a living wage
  • Personal and family rights

    What Democrats Deliver:

    • Economy: American Recovery and Reinvestment Act – more jobs
    • Infrastructure improvements: bridges and roads, broadband
    • Healthcare: Affordable Care Act – lower prescription drug costs
    • Voting rights: successfully fighting voting gerrymandering
    • Abortion: fighting for women’s rights and personal freedoms
    • Climate Change: 2009 Recovery Act-solar increased 20x between 2008-2016
    • 2024 Initiatives
    • Win Elections
    • Improve PCDC effectiveness
    • Support Community Engagement efforts
    • Supporting multiple community engagement efforts through partnerships like Community Works

    See the Latest News & Updates Here

    Check out the category “talking points.” These can be helpful to you when you have political discussion with others.

    PCDC LOGO building a better community

    P.O. BOX 401
    Luray, VA, 22835