Page County Democratic Committee

It is our mission to increase the number of qualified Democratic elected officials at the local, state and national level.

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To All Page County Democrats,

The following Call to Caucus is a call for volunteers interested in becoming a Delegate for the Democratic conventions to elect representatives for State and National elections.

  • Based on voting population Page County has been assigned four Delegates and one Alternate.
  • You must declare to be a candidate as a Delegate by April 13th, 2024.
  • If we there are only four or less people interested in being a Delegate then no Caucus will be held on April 20th, 2024.
  • Commitment for a Delegate is to participate in the May 18th convention in Lexington and June 22nd in Richmond.
  • See complete information here.

New PCDC Headquarters

Exciting News!

The PCDC has officially secured a lease until November 2024 for our new headquarters located at 46 East Main Street in Luray. Ready for occupancy on March 15th, this space boasts a prominent storefront window for high visibility, ample storage, and enough room to host small meetings.

Establishing a visible presence on Main Street will play a pivotal role in promoting and solidifying the presence of the Page County Democrats, as we gear up to mobilize for crucial elections in 2024.

Page County Democratic Headquarters in Luray VA

Democrats Make a Tangible Impact in our Daily Lives by Delivering Meaningful Outcomes . .

Were you aware that locally, Page County received approximately $5 million thanks to the Biden administration and the Democrats’ American Rescue Plan?

Here’s the detailed breakdown:

$256,000.00 – Drug interdiction team
$304,453.15 – EMS coverage in Stanley
$84,000.37 – Landfill/General Properties wages
$15,063.00 – County website upgrade
$9,256.42 – PPE and cleaning supplies
$39,769.89 – 3 ventilators for ambulances
$285,600.00 – Landfill compactor
$27,975.00 – Courthouse HVAC upgrades
$75,945.00 – RF Connect broadband
$258,447.00 – 2022 ambulance
$3,286,173.17 – Last-mile broadband project

$4,642,683 – Total received/spent

ARPA Document Download

What We Stand For . .

  • Improved infrastructure
  • Quality public education
  • Affordable, accessible healthcare for all
  • Environmental conservation
  • National park protection
  • Workers’ rights, including a living wage
  • Personal and family rights

What Democrats Deliver:

  • Economy: American Recovery and Reinvestment Act – more jobs
  • Infrastructure improvements: bridges and roads, broadband
  • Healthcare: Affordable Care Act – lower prescription drug costs
  • Voting rights: successfully fighting voting gerrymandering
  • Abortion: fighting for women’s rights and personal freedoms
  • Climate Change: 2009 Recovery Act-solar increased 20x between 2008-2016

2024 Initiatives

  • Win Elections
  • Improve PCDC effectiveness
  • Support Community Engagement efforts
  • Supporting multiple community engagement efforts through partnerships like Community Works

PCDC Member Monthly Meeting

  • Held first Thursday 6:30 pm of every month.
  • Currently held at the Luray Rec Center, 630 West Main Street.
  • Next meeting April 4th.

PCDC Coffee and Conversation Calendar

  • 4/12/24-10:00:Hawksbill Dinner, 1388 E Main, Stanley
  • 4/19/24 – 10:00:Broad Porch Coffee, 20 W Main, Luray
  • 4/26/24 – 11:00:Mr. Garcia’s Mexican Grill & Cantina, 211 Quincy Ave, Shenandoah
  • 5/3/24 – 11:00:The Valley Cork, 55 E Main St., Luray

PCDC Executive Committee meetings via FB Messenger

4/10/24 7pm
5/8/24 7pm
6/12/24 7pm
7/10/24 7pm
8/14/24 7pm
9/11/24 7pm
10/9/24 7pm
11/13/24 7pm
12/11/24 7pm

Tim Kaine Event Highlights

The PCDC hosted a highly successful election year kickoff event on March 9th at Luray’s VFW, featuring US Senator Tim Kaine and Congressional District 6 candidates, Rod Grandon and Ken Mitchell.

The event garnered significant attendance, with Penny Gray-Treasurer, Page County’s sole elected Democrat, warmly introducing Senator Kaine. Attendees were also treated to a delightful spread courtesy of Penny Gray.

The candidates addressed the challenges facing our democracy this year and outlined specific actions Democrats are taking to combat threats to our democracy and rights.

View Page Valley News Article Here.

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Abigail Spanberger screen shot

Democratic Candidate Support

Abigail Spanberger and Levar Stoney are running in the general election for Governor of Virginia on November 4, 2025.

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