Page County Democratic Committee

It is our mission to increase the number of qualified Democratic elected officials at the local, state and national level.

The upcoming 2024 elections this November are poised to be among the most pivotal in our lifetime. With the very essence of democracy at stake, crucial issues such as women’s reproductive rights, voting rights, maintaining the separation of religion from government and public schools, as well as Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid, climate change, and infrastructure are on the line.

We urge you to consider supporting the Page County Democratic Committee (PCDC) as we strive to secure victories for President Biden, Senator Kaine and Ken Mitchell for Congressional District 6. We are actively investing in initiatives like roadside banners, online advertising, establishing a new PCDC Headquarters on Main Street Luray, social media campaigns, and event sponsorships.

By starting early, we aim to raise awareness and expand our potential support among disenfranchised Republicans and Moderates. Additionally, we are collaborating with other county Democratic Committees to coordinate efforts and ensure that all counties are effective and successful in their campaigns.

A primary objective for us is to unseat the far-right extremist, Representative Ben Cline of Congressional District 6, a member of the Freedom Caucus. A victory for our Democratic candidate, Ken Mitchell, in CD6 could potentially shift the balance in the House of Representatives, potentially alleviating the current gridlock and chaos in Congress that many have been eager to see resolved.

Your contribution today will enable the PCDC to amplify our efforts with increased advertising, events, and other activities designed to educate voters and persuade them why our candidates are the best choice for a brighter future.

Your support is crucial in this critical election year, and we deeply appreciate any contribution you can make to help us in this fight for our democracy.

Thank you for considering our request, and please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or require further information.



Miles Morimoto
Chair – Page County Democratic Committee

New PCDC Headquarters

Exciting News!

The PCDC has officially secured a lease until November 2024 for our new headquarters located at 46 East Main Street, Luray. 

Establishing a visible presence on Main Street will play a pivotal role in promoting and solidifying the presence of the Page County Democrats, as we gear up to mobilize for crucial elections in 2024.

PCDC Headquarters Schedule

Notice: Due to sidewalk construction on Main Street. The headquarters will be closed until further notice.

  • Days longer than 4 hours will be divided into 2 time slots.
  • A Staffing Roster will be maintained at the Headquarters.
  • We want to have 2 staffers for each time slot.
  • As time goes by, we may add more hours, particularly in October.
Page County Democratic Headquarters in Luray VA
Staffing HoursMay 5 - August 2August 3 - October 30October 31 - November 5
MondayClosedClosed1:00 to 6:00 (11/4)
TuesdayClosedClosed1:00 to 6:00 (11/5 Election)
Wednesday1:00 to 4:001:00 to 4:00-
Thursday1:00 to 4:001:00 to 4:001:00 to 4:00 (10/31)
Friday1:00 to 5:001:00 to 7:001:00 to 7:00 (11/1)
Saturday1:00 to 5:001:00 to 7:001:00 to 7:00 (11/2)
SundayClosed12:00 to 3:001:00 to 6:00 (11/3)

PCDC Member Monthly Meeting

  • Held first Thursday 6:30 pm of every month.
  • Currently held at the Luray Rec Center, 630 West Main Street,

PCDC Coffee and Conversation Calendar

  • 5/24/24 10:00 Broad Porch Coffee, 20 W Main Street, Luray
  • 5/31/24 11:00 Mr. Garcia’s Mexican Grill & Cantina, 211 Quincy Ave., Shenandoah
  • 6/7/24 11:00 Hawksbill Dinner, 1388 E Main, Stanley
  • 6/14/24 10:00 Fairview Grocery, 101 S Antioch Rd.,  Luray
  • 6/21/24 10:00 Broad Porch Coffee, 20 W Main St., Luray
  • 6/28/24 10:00 Mr. Garcia’s Mexican Grill & Cantina, 211 Quincy Ave.,  Shenandoah
  • 7/5/24 11:00Hawksbill Dinner, 1388 E Main St., Stanley
  • 7/12/24 11:00 Fairview Grocery, 101 S Antioch Rd.,  Luray

PCDC Executive Committee meetings via FB Messenger

  • 6/12/24 7pm
  • 7/10/24 7pm
  • 8/14/24 7pm
  • 9/11/24 7pm
  • 10/9/24 7pm
  • 11/13/24 7pm
  • 12/11/24 7pm

Democratic Candidate Support

Abigail Spanberger and Levar Stoney are running in the general election for Governor of Virginia on November 4, 2025.

Kaine logo
Abigail Spanberger screen shot

Democrats Make a Tangible Impact in our Daily Lives by Delivering Meaningful Outcomes . .

Were you aware that locally, Page County received approximately $5 million thanks to the Biden administration and the Democrats’ American Rescue Plan?

Here’s the detailed breakdown:

$256,000.00 – Drug interdiction team
$304,453.15 – EMS coverage in Stanley
$84,000.37 – Landfill/General Properties wages
$15,063.00 – County website upgrade
$9,256.42 – PPE and cleaning supplies
$39,769.89 – 3 ventilators for ambulances
$285,600.00 – Landfill compactor
$27,975.00 – Courthouse HVAC upgrades
$75,945.00 – RF Connect broadband
$258,447.00 – 2022 ambulance
$3,286,173.17 – Last-mile broadband project

$4,642,683 – Total received/spent

ARPA Document Download

What We Stand For . .

  • Improved infrastructure
  • Quality public education
  • Affordable, accessible healthcare for all
  • Environmental conservation
  • National park protection
  • Workers’ rights, including a living wage
  • Personal and family rights

What Democrats Deliver:

  • Economy: American Recovery and Reinvestment Act – more jobs
  • Infrastructure improvements: bridges and roads, broadband
  • Healthcare: Affordable Care Act – lower prescription drug costs
  • Voting rights: successfully fighting voting gerrymandering
  • Abortion: fighting for women’s rights and personal freedoms
  • Climate Change: 2009 Recovery Act-solar increased 20x between 2008-2016

2024 Initiatives

  • Win Elections
  • Improve PCDC effectiveness
  • Support Community Engagement efforts
  • Supporting multiple community engagement efforts through partnerships like Community Works

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Check out the category “talking points.” These can be helpful to you when you have political discussion with others.

PCDC LOGO building a better community

P.O. BOX 401
Luray, VA, 22835