Page County ARPA Funds

Democrats Make a Tangible Impact in our Daily Lives by Delivering Meaningful Outcomes 

Were you aware that locally, Page County received approximately $5 million thanks to the Biden administration and the Democrats’ American Rescue Plan?

Here’s the detailed breakdown:

1ARPA Funding Decisions6/18/2024
3ARPAFY 21-22$ 2,514,940.00
5FY 22-23$ 2,514,940.00
6Total Funding $5,029,880.00
7Project:Paid to DateStatusProject Balance Remaining/ Allocation Remaining
8Hazard Pay
9Year 1$ 51,312Paid$ -
10Year 2$ 54,385Paid$ -
11Legal Fees/Town Attorney Consultation$ 5,052Paid to date$ 35,000
12Administration/Single Audit$ -Allocated$ 5,000
13Electric Upgrades- Mechanic Street Lot$ 11,585Paid$ -
14Greenway Extension$ 12,100Paid$ -
15Greenway Extension$ 2,000Paid$ -
16Greenway Extension$ 6,400Paid$ -
17Phase 2 of Feasibility Study for Greenway Extension$ 23,100Paid$ -
18Yager Spring- Task 1$ 20,950Pd to date $20950.$ 19,050
19Hawksbill Greenway Foundation($ 20,000)Foundation Contribution$ -
20Parks and Rec Dump Trailer and Truck$ 64,453Paid$ -
21Parks Security Camera Replacement$ 34,001Paid$ -
22Electronic Metering- downpayment$ 561,328PaidFinancing for Proj. Remainder
234 Police Vehicles- Sheehy Ford$ 198,421Paid$ -
24Page Valley News Advertising - Year 1$ 7,072Paid$ -
25Page Valley News Advertising - Year 2$ 7,072Paid$ -
26Page Valley News Advertising - Year 3$ 7,072Paid$ -
27Page Valley News Advertising - Year 4$ -allocated$ 7,072
28Police Radios$ 128,255
29Police Radios- Removed for Grant($ 128,255)
30Police Equipment Other and upfits$ 48,129
31Police Veh & Upfit$ 53,862
32Police Equipment (body cams/tasers, equip)$ 120,009Paid$ -
33Imagination Station Replacement$ 365,796Paid$ -
34Town Hall and Visitor Center HVAC$ 40,202Paid$ -
35West Lu Lift Station *** See Notation Below$ 791,576Paid
36BIDS = 1.1 MIL. / remainder from proffer fees
37$791576 paid to date from ARPA , remainder was from Fac Fees TOTAL = 1,072,362
38Sewer Vac Truck$ 345,147Paid$ -
39Sewer smoke equipment$ 4,175Paid$ -
40Street Sweeper$ 259,890Paid$ -
41Sewer Line Inv. Equipment(camera)$ 108,828Paid$ -
42Finished Water Pump Replacement$ 168,825Paid$ 41,735
43Paid $168,825complete by 6/30
44Raw Water Pump Replacement$ 61,382Complete/Paid
45Display Cabinet- Lobby Artifacts$ 2,335Paid0
46Depot HVAC- Emergency Repair$ 19,970Paid$ -
47Spare Influent pump$ 36,240Paid$ -
48Water Treatment Plant Storage Shed$ 8,999Paid$ -
49IT Contract Overage Fy 23$ -Paid$ -
50Sludge Spreader- WWTP$ 45,000Paid$ -
51Recycle Trailers$ 3,000Paid$ -
52SCADA Upgrade$ 132,926PAID$ -
53allocated $130,000/ remainging from Blue Ridge Bank financingcomplete by 6/30
54Treasurer's Office Printers$ 924Paid$ -
55Luray Parks Association- Carrillion Lighting/Electric$ 10,000Paid$ -
56Dean Park Infield Mix & Controller$ 19,166Paid$ -
57Daughter of the Stars Farmers Market$ 2,500Paid$ -
58Sewer Lining- Watch & Warrant- Emergency Repairs$ 26,750Paid$ -
59Contributions- Living Legacy, Page One, Arise$ 15,000Paid$ -
60Rosser, Terrace, Cave Hill, Stover Infrastructure$ 145,257Approved$ -
61Storage Building at Dean Park$ 39,481paid to date$ -
62Pickleball Court Allocation- RFP Maximum- $200K APPROVED$ 16,020paid to date$ 186,830
63Influent Screening- $128,900 Paid from Sewer Fund$ -Paid- Sewer Fund$ -
64Oxidation Ditch Pump- $ 238,279 Paid from Sewer Fund$ -Paid- Sewer Fund$ -
65Luray Fire Dept- Airpack Contributions$ 22,000Approved$ -
66Ruffner Plaza Sail Shade$ 152,733Approved$ 50,267
68Friends of the Shenandoah River$ 2,500Approved$ -
69Influent Pump Station Control Panel Upgrade- Sewer Project$ -Approved$ 160,000
70Replacement of Several Sewer Segments - Sewer Project$ 4,178Approved$ 100,823
71WWTP System & Plant Upgrades$ -Approved$ 140,000
72Hite Spring Improvements- Water Project$ 23,590Approved$ 136,410
73VRT Transportation StudyProposed$ 5,000
74$ 4,142,694
76Total Funding$ 5,029,880$ 887,186Work In Progress:
77Cash Fund Balance$ 937,181
78Reserved for Work in Progress and Proposed Projects$ 887,186$ 887,186
80Unallocated$ 49,995
Page County VA ARPA Spending Chart
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