To All Page County Democrats,

PC Dems Logo BannerIn order to establish awareness and form opinions early on, efforts are underway to get the word out about our Democratic candidates. In addition to the PCDC initiatives, Rural Ground Game is also supporting ad campaigns to educate people on MAGA Republican Ben Cline.

The following pictures are visuals that you will start to see around Luray starting this week.
Miles Morimoto PCDC Chair

Forwarded Message From Lynlee Thorne of Rural Ground Game:

I wanted to let you know that the billboard is up just east of Luray. It is on 211, eastbound, less than a mile after the 340 business exit.
Please let me know if Page County Dems would like to send some texts to inactive voters in Page to see if we can get a response from them on this issue. I’ve included an example of a few we sent out in Shenandoah County as a test before this billboard went up. The purpose of these is to see if we can identify some registered but inactive voters (folks who have not cast a ballot for 3 years or more), and see if they might engage on this issue. If there are positive responses, that info is marked in VAN and we can continue to reach out to them before election day in multiple ways to see if we can pursue them to vote for Democrats this year.

If you have any members or other supporters who would be personally impacted by Cline’s proposed cuts to Social Security and Medicare, we’d love to see them submit letters to the local paper and/or post on social media about how this would impact them. Here’s Gene Zitver’s piece about this with some very helpful sources:

Anti Ben Cline Billboard

Biden Harris / Ken Mitchell Banner

340 Billboard